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Pre-ordering products is loaded as an option occasionally. It allows us to have the much needed cash to pay for the shipping and customs clearance of the shipment which enables us to order it & have the product in available to dispatch to you, much earlier than we otherwise would be able to.

Pre-Order Terms & Conditions

1- Preorders must be paid for at the time of ordering. As with any other order, the order will remain in "pending status" (unpaid) for 14 days before being deleted from the system as & when we go through and tidy things up. Once your payment has been received, your preorder is updated to "Processing" status, until it is dispatched. You will be emailed when your order is updated to "Processing" status, and therefore know that your payment has been received and noted.

2- One order = one shipment. We do not dispatch any order until everything for that order is in stock to ship at the one time, unless we have contacted the customer to organise otherwise. This means that an order containing pre-ordered items will only be dispatched when the pre-ordered item arrives in stock and is ready to ship together. If you think you might need other items earlier, please put in a separate order for them. If you find you want items for whatever reason that you have ordered along with a pre-order item sent separately, please do not be offended when admin fees are applicable or your request is refused.

3- ETA is an *Estimated* Date of Arrival. We don't give this date until we have a shipment booked onto a specific vessel, but there are times when circumstances out of our control delay delivery of our goods past this date. Sometimes ships sail late, containers fall overboard, customs decides to hold items for a random inspection, etc. These are unusual occurrences but are nonetheless unavoidable when they do occur. We will do our best to dispatch pre-ordered items to you on or by the ETA date given, however by ordering items that are open to pre-orders - you accept that we are not liable for delays beyond our control. We will keep people up to date as best as we can, and often the home page is the best and most accurate place to look for updates on shipments coming in.

4- Please make sure that your delivery address is as it will be at the ETA when you place your order. Preorders and address labels are printed off & sorted for processing as soon as payment shows. It is *very complicated & frustrating* to get "I placed a preorder a month ago, can you please change the address you're going to send it to" requests. Of course we will do our best to fill these requests for you, and understand that there are always situations outside of your control! But please be aware that it's not a simple process for us to sift through and change the order at that stage, so your forethought at the time of ordering is appreciated.